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Sibyl Wray, MD

Sibyl Wray, MD

Dr. Wray received her MD from Wake Forest Medical School and completed her residency and a fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. As an MS Certified specialist, she was recruited to establish a multiple sclerosis center in Knoxville in 1999, with a local hospital group. In 2003, Dr. Wray opened her independent practice so that she could focus on the specialized treatment of MS patients. In addition, Dr. Wray serves as a primary investigator on many clinical trials and is an active participant and board member of the Mid South Chapter of the MS Society.

David Brandes, MD

David Brandes, MD

Dr. Brandes completed his medical training at University of California, Los Angeles.  After working for several years in California, Dr. Brandes relocated to Knoxville in 2008 where he also specializes in treatment MS patients.  He also serves as a primary investigator and is a certified MS Specialist.

Both physicians are active in clinical research projects, have numerous published medical articles and lecture on Multiple Sclerosis internationally.


Kelsey Lenihan, RN, MSN, ANP-BC

Kelsey Lenihan, RN, MSN, ANP-BC

Kelsey has a master’s degree in nursing from UT, beginning her nursing education locally after receiving a BA in Psychology from UNC-Asheville. She has been in the neurology field since beginning her career at UT Medical Center. As opposed to an acute care setting, Kelsey enjoys treating patients with a chronic disease in an all-encompassing manner. Her focus is not only on the disease course, but the day-to-day effect on patients’ lives.

Office Manager

Bob Potvin

Infusion Staff

Nancy Bellinger, RN

Adrienne Vaccaro – Pre-Certification Medical Assistant

Brittnie Ward – Infusion Assistant

Front Office

Candy Brewer – Ms. Lenihan’s Medical Assistant

Lettie Brown – Dr. Brandes’ Medical Assistant

Lea Coover – Bookkeeper

Linsey Dunlap – Medical Records

Bob Potvin – Dr. Wray’s Nurse

Pat Shipman – Receptionist


Research Staff

Brenda Albertson Whitehead, CCRP

Kim Puccio, LPN, CRC

Shannon Stubblefield, CRC, Financial Analyst


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